How we are Embracing Confusion to Reach Clarity

The Creation of Something Useful and of Enormous Value…

I read a quote today by author, politician and U.S. Ambassador, Clare Boothe Luce, who said “anyone who isn’t thoroughly confused isn’t thinking clearly”.

This quote really resonates with the developmental stage we are at right now for Signed Safety At Work.

Signed Safety At Work is a set of visual communication signs, which can be used quickly in case of an emergency in noisy environments, particularly construction sites and factories. The visual communications sign language terms, must be clear and concise; however, to reach that clarity we have embraced a creative process where confusion is part of our methodology.

In short, during the development we navigate our way through the confusion, so you (the user) won’t have to.

It’s part of the developmental work process here at Bellyfeel.

Why the Confusion?


To begin with we are making a video glossary in 3 different sign languages:


We are also sourcing fast and easy to understand sign language terms (rooted in International Sign):


Plus, we have graphic thumbnails of the terms, including recognised graphical Safety signs that you may be familiar with like these:

Then the real confusion came when figuring out how each of these elements works together to create a seamless and intuitive user experience.

Embrace the Confusion

The project design is based on identified user needs and research. On the surface the solutions seemed simple. When it came to put all the elements together it soon became apparent that it was far from simple, with unforeseen complexities requiring much thought, to the point of confusion

And it is that confusion, which is key to finding the solutions.

By embracing the confusion and working through it we can then find a way to make things simple for the end users.


Our approach is to focus on the user journey and to navigate our way through; starting with the graphic “thumbnail” images, then figuring out the context between the media and information, through to the ‘Quick’ international signs, sign languages and texts – in 3 different partner languages.

And you will be pleased to know it is really working out well.

I can’t tell you how it is working, because I am still a bit confused! I’m joking – I am not confused at all. We just haven’t finished yet….

But it is coming together and making sense, section by section, as part of a creative process to develop an innovative and exciting resource that is useful and of enormous value.

You will see how things turn out when you see the full glossary in a month or two…. And I promise you there will be no confusion. Signed Safety at Work will be simple to use!

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