See It – Sign It – Be Safe online conference

How to protect and increase the safety of workers while supporting employment opportunities for deaf, hearing impaired and migrant workers in your organisation….

See It, Sign It, Be Safe

Tuesday 23rd March between 1400 and 1600 UK TIME (ONLINE)

This is a free online conference and workshop that will look at current safety problems in different types of working environments.

When there is an emergency a quick visual communication that is easily understood by all workers in a noisy environment, is vital.

Knowing what to do in case of an emergency makes workers feel more confident, comfortable and safe. The employers gain better communication with their employees, and they have happier workers, who know what to do in an emergency. The workers then have more trust in their employer.

As a result, there will be a reduced risk of incidents and injuries.


See It, Sign It, Be Safe will feature:

  • Health and Safety experts introducing the problems of safety and workplace communication between hearing native speakers, deaf, and hearing-impaired sign language users, as well as hearing non-native speakers such as migrant workers.
  • Information about an innovative free solution, Signed Safety at Work, a European-funded project in British, Italian and German languages that will increase safety for all employees.
  • A demonstration and workshop of the Signed Safety at Work product suite (online/mobile glossary and e-Learning).
  • Q&A about safety issues and different solutions.

Signed Safety at Work is an innovative project with real world safety outcomes for you and your organisation.

This event is seeking to bring together people from a range of disciplines, including:

  • Health & Safety
  • Public Policy (Equality, H&S, D/deaf/HI and migrant community)
  • Management and Business-ownership (particularly in the fields of construction and manufacturing)
  • Human Resources
  • Deaf, hard of hearing or migrant workers who wish to be in a safer environment at work

The event is also reaching out to those participating in Chambers of Commerce, as well as other Professional Organisations, Networks and groups representing deaf, hard-of-hearing and migrant workers who wish to be in a safer environment at work.

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