April 1, 2021
A virtual conference to showcase the free workplace resources developed by the SSaW project was hosted by the UK partners (University of Wolverhampton, Bellyfeel Media and Searchlighter Services) on 23 March 2021.  Attendees were welcomed by the Mayor of Wolverhampton, Councillor Claire Darke. The conference discussed some of the issues of workplace communication that the...
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As the Signed Safety at work project activities enter their final weeks, the Partners are publishing their Guidelines for Inclusivity and Diversity, a 100-page booklet comprising 13 chapters: This sets out the context for ensuring that Health and Safety practice in the workplace has a conscious reflection on policy and workplace communication for key officers...
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The Signed Safety at Work project is now due to roll-out its e–Learning course defined by its 14 independent, self-standing sections. This will facilitate training for people to enhance the communication of Health & Safety measures in the workplace by using a bespoke glossary of hand signs designed for application in any workplace when communicating...
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