1 – Sign vocabulary

Around 200 health and safety words and phrases, created in English by experts in manufacturing, health and safety and sign language, then transferred into a signed form (based on International Sign wherever possible). The vocabulary informed the terms used in the glossary.


2 – Online glossary

The signs of the above mentioned vocabulary will be translated in English, British Sign Language, German, Austrian Sign Language, Italian and Italian Sign Language and it will be included in a Glossary with videos.


3 – E-learning resource

Online (desktop and mobile) e-learning resource, scenario-based learning activities, taking videos from the online glossary in order to teach the sign vocabulary.


4 – Guidelines for diversity in health and safety

Information on:

  • National health and safety qualifications
  • how VET providers can incorporate the e-learning resource into existing health and safety training courses, and
  • how people with hearing impairment can specialise in a career in health and safety

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