January 27, 2020
As the e-learning resource will be used for deaf people and migrants who both may not have complete command of the written national language, it will be important to design the course as visual as possible. At the moment, we are evaluating two possible programs: LearnDash, which is based on WordPress, and Articulate Storyline 3,...
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The Creation of Something Useful and of Enormous Value… I read a quote today by author, politician and U.S. Ambassador, Clare Boothe Luce, who said “anyone who isn’t thoroughly confused isn’t thinking clearly”. This quote really resonates with the developmental stage we are at right now for Signed Safety At Work. Signed Safety At Work...
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The ISSR on its way to completing the first Intellectual output of the SSaW project The last four months of the project (from June 2019 to October 2019), the State Institute for the Deaf (ISSR, based in Rome, Italy) worked on the completion of the adapted vocabulary in International Sign (IS) and Italian Sign Language...
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Erasmus+ project on track to promote health and safety of workers in noisy environments through use of sign language With concerns reported that signs of hearing loss are on the rise amongst workers in noisy environments such as the oil and gas and service industries [links below] employers need to take steps to protect their...
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